July 2016 – My Dream Post

Negative, negative NEGATIVE. I HATE all this negative crap. HOWEVER…when your team is REALLY bad, and those responsible aren’t being held accountable by the press, what’s a blogger to do?

So to change things around a bit, HERE’S the post I hope to make about this team, eventually…ONE SUNNY DAY.

They said things were BOUND to get worse before they got better. Well, it doesn’t get MUCH worse than 2-16. I guess “they” weren’t kidding.

To his credit, owner Wetenhall acted swiftly and appropriately. Popp GONE. Calvillo GONE. Promoting Kavis Reed to general manager seems to have been a stroke of genius. Reed’s enthusiasm and innate people skills have made him a great fit for the job. 

The defensive squad has been a rock…despite the disconnect and fragmentation of the rest of the team. Noel Thorpe TRULY deserved a shot at Head Coach, and he’s making the best of it.

Last but not least, the hiring of Damon Allen to lead a squad of athletic, mobile, dynamic quarterback’s was JUST what the doctor ordered. Rakeem Cato’s near INSTANTANEOUS metamorphosis into a confident, ruthlessly efficient DISMANTLER of CFL defenses has  TRULY been a thing of beauty. Freed from the restrictive “pocket passer” mentality imposed by the Schonert, then Calvillo playbooks, Cato’s ability to throw on the run and  cause havoc with his legs has defenses running for cover.

Brandon Bridge and Adams JR. have both seen their playing time’s increased, as Allen continues to point out the value of giving backups much needed experience. Bridge’s chaotic “seat of the pants” style, and Adams’ more controlled form of chaos have been a fine counterpoint to Cato’s own dynamic game.

With a solid defense, and with our offense literally causing panic wherever it lands, The Alouettes are on their way to a MIRACULOUS reversal of fortunes this season.

Go Als Go!!!      


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