July 2016 – Montreal Gazette Post

It’s been YEARS since the Gazette and I mutually agreed that I wouldn’t post comments on their Alouettes pages. Recently most Herb articles are adorned with some immature, unchallenging and unenlightened comment by some high school kid…God love ‘im (he’s and Alouettes fan, after all). That’s about it!

When an article by Herb entitled Alouettes seek answers after offence implodes vs Ticats  was followed by a lively enough debate.  I couldn’t help but chime in.

If there was a way of polling HOW swiftly the folks at the Gazoo will shut my comment down, I’d gladly make THAT happen. Put me down for 5 min. I’m frankly surprised I got it up there in the 1st place:

ACTUALLY, the problem is that NO competent CFL trained Head Coaching prospect would accept Anthony Calvillo as offensive coordinator. Not at this nascent stage of his coaching career.
THIS is the excuse Jim Popp used to convince a (no doubt) reluctant Wetenhall to let him spend a season (or two) as Head Coach. Then the “natural” transition to AC as HC and everything’s hunky dunky.
A tiny inconvenience known as REALITY is getting in the way. You know, like the FACT that Head Coaches generally spend YEARS learning the coaching profession FROM THE GROUND UP. Or the tiny inconvenient TRUTH that playing quarterback for 20 years doesn’t qualify you to design, call or control an offense.
That’s NOT EVEN COUNTING the monumental mis-match between Calvillo’s “pocket passer” mindset and Cato, Bridge and Adams’ skillsets.
Signing a lesser version of Calvillo (Glenn) may seem like some kind of an answer. But no amount of hype will hide the fact that Glenn has been mediocre his entire career. And while mediocre MAY SEEM to be a HUGE improvement on the woes of the past…it’s NO ANSWER to a team spiralling out of control.
And frankly, Alouettes fans are in desperate need of legitimacy on this team.
Situations where individuals. either player OR staff, are hired on ANY basis OTHER than qualification and merit, are corrosive to the soul of ANY football team. This is why jokes about putting “coaches” into the fray are so poignant. Players put their bodies, their health, their lives on the line for each other. ANY stench of privilege is as TOXIC to that noble brotherhood as an ACTUAL physical poison.
Until it is leeched from this team, THAT  poison will continue suck it’s life away.
Go Als Go


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