July 2016 – Trouble in Popp-adise

There are advantages to absorbing one’s sports entertainment via radio broadcasts. I’ve personally heard more inside information this way than ANY other. There are several reasons.

For one thing, radio broadcasts NEED to “sex” things up to compete with television. For another…ex-players end up being  recruited to flesh out broadcast teams, especially on “all sports” networks like TSN Radio. These recently retired players have little to NO broadcasting experience, and often let things slip that an experienced radio announcer simply wouldn’t. And for ANOTHER…it’s often MUCH easier to get away with shit when EVERYBODY assumes no one is listening.

HOWEVER…I personally know 2 people who listen to TSN690 radio (Montreal) a large part of every day. They frequently fill me in on any Alouettes’ inside info that comes their way…

So get this:

Apparently a microphone was turned on a couple Alouettes players at practice, on the sidelines. Listeners were treated to these un-named players discussing Anthony Calvillo, his ALMOST TOTAL lack of coaching experience and how this is affecting the team’s fortunes…AND the fact that Jim Popp was incompetent for pushing AC into accepting a position for which he was WILDLY  unprepared. I’m obviously paraphrasing…but THAT was the gist of their private sideline palaver.

As a rampant egotist…I might be expected to think someone’s been reading my blog. However, as someone suffering from even more expansive delusions of grandeur, I prefer to believe GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE…we’ve met at the intersection of TRUTH and ABSURDITY…and we’ve suddenly ALL become aware of it.

Having the scales fall from one’s eyes is a painful and liberating experience. And as an indefatigable “de-scaler” I’m frequently blamed for the former, and RARELY if ever appreciated for the latter.

So it goes.

Still…AT LEAST this is progress. The TRUTH is out there. No amount of Poppian repression can stop it from leaking it’s way into the public consciousness. Even IF most Montrealers don’t give a flying fuck at the Mooooon about the Alouettes.

A few more performances like last week’s and Montrealers’ disinterest in the Alouettes will be made MORE than clear.  It’s NOT a party if we’re losing DAMN IT…and in THIS party town the ONE unforgivable crime is “harshing my buzz”. Once attendance starts to slide MAYBE we’ll FINALLY see some positive change on this team. PAINFUL or NOT. It’s HAS to happen.

The sooner the better!!! With 3 games coming up in 11 days, we could be 1-5 before we know it.


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