July 2016 – Another 3DownNation Post (maybe)

You know. After watching George Carlin PROUDLY delare he was kicked out of 3 schools “by mutual consent”, WHY should I be so vexed when I go from posting “freely” on some site, to ending up invariably seeing “comment awaiting moderation” to the eventual banning, and virtual tarring and feathering. It should be a badge of pride, angering people enough with the truth so that I’m banned for eternity.

It still bugs me.

So here’s my latest 3DownNation post, on some page called “Bad Hotel Coffee Chat” where the author goes into the complexities of getting bagels and ascending Mount Royal…OH and everything would be fine with the Alouettes if ONLY Rakeem Cato would be more comfortable in the pocket and not “bail and run” so often:

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

The thing I love about being an Alouettes fan is the IN DEPTH serious analysis of ALL ASPECTS of my football team. Bagels, St Catty’s and the Mountain Go Als Go! There is a DEEP CFL tradition of going out and partying, and not looking TOO CLOSELY at the Montreal Alouettes.
“Maybe if they were going to let him sit back in the pocket and ask him to read the defence, (we) could confuse him, ” he said. “But I don’t think that’s going to be their plan.”
This comment by Orlondo Steinauer about playing Cato LAST SEASON seems to have provided the Alouettes with a blueprint for how to FAIL spectacularly under Cato. A plan that’s been carried out to the letter EVER SINCE. Even Matt Dunigan is dropping NOT SO SUBTLE HINTS to AC about getting Cato out of the pocket and attacking defenses with his legs:
After 2 decades as a pure pocket passer, during which virtually no other quarterback EVER saw the field, AC’s understanding of the complexities of running an offence for a mobile, athletic quarterback must be next to non-existent. So that explains Kevin Glenn’s presence on this team. What’s befuddling is signing 3 mobile, dynamic QB’s NO ONE on the team has a clue what to do with…other than continually trying to knock a round QB into a REALLY square hole…
Expecting a now sophomore quarterback to sit in the pocket and read defenses, WITHOUT adding sufficient “misdirection” plays and without putting them on their heels by attacking with Cato’s legs…is not only idiotic, it guarantee’s Cato will be injured eventually. Defensive lines have been pinning their ears back and Cato’s been running for his life. THAT IS 100% on Popp and his impenetrable insistence that Calvillo graduate from receiver’s coach, to QB coach, to OC in 2 weeks. His explanation was CLASSIC Popp omnipotence bull: “Well, he’s gonna be calling plays eventually. He might as well start now.”
Apparently we have no choice.
THAT’S what’s happening in Montreal.

-AND I’m kicking myself for not adding:

AND as a Ticat fan (supposedly) SHAME ON YOU  for EVER suggesting ANYONE would be better off with Kevin Glenn under ANY circumstances. After too many seasons of the Kevin Glenn/Quinton Porter “.500 Mediocre Follies”  you REALLY ought to know better. 




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