July 2016 – Cato’d in the 4th

Week 4, and Alouettes fans could be forgiven for thinking their team is cursed. After all, in one fell swoop the team has lost 2 starting receivers, a running back and NOW Kevin Glenn is out with an eye infection…apparently.

Considering the HUGE percentage of “dump Glenn for Cato” posts I’ve read over the last few weeks, the return of Rakeem Cato to a starting role SHOULD be a boost to team and fan alike. But with the receiver corp decimated, and the leading rusher in 2015 out for at least 6 weeks, one can’t help wondering if Cato isn’t afflicted with a bit of bad mojo himself.

After all, the Alouettes and OC Calvillo continue to insist Cato remain EXCLUSIVELY a pocket passer, so Cato’s in the same situation as last season: his athleticism on the shelf until someone on the coaching staff learns how to exploit it, and surrounded by a troupe of hasbeens, neverwasses and neverwillbes.

The ONE ray of hope: with his case going to arbitration, Duron Carter MAY be playing until some time in August. So go long Cato. GO LONG!!!

B.J. Cunningham, Chandler Jones, Alex Charette and Alain Giguere. Corbin Louks anyone?

Some blogger I read posited that the loss of SJ Green may not necessarily be critical. Green drops about half the passes directed his way. All the same…there’s ALSO the loss of every unbelievable, jaw dropping SJ spectacularrrr to be considered. Which of the Alouettes’ rooks and re-treads will give us THAT?

And who among us will miss Rod Black’s idiotic: “Cato to the Green hornet”? I KNOW I won’t!

GM Popp has ZERO intention of coming to the team’s rescue, other than with “cynical” BULLSHIT signings like 30 yr old Marcus Henry. While 6’5″ Henry is NO Dropson Collins, he hasn’t caught a CFL pass since 2014, and has 5 career CFL touchdowns. FIVE!!! SJ has 42! Kenny Stafford led the CFL last year with 9.

BTW…looking up Henry on the Als’ roster I noticed Charette out on the 6-game IR. BAM. Well…bam, anyways. They only had 1 play drawn up for Charette last year…”toss to Charette in the flat. And he’s stopped short.” Double UGH!

So please…

I don’t want to make excuse beforehand. But if Cato doesn’t do all that well on Friday, try to imagine him with a FULL complement of weapons, and an offensive gameplan that utilizes ALL his skills.

Kevin Glenn had 2 weeks to come up with a reason NOT to go out there with a severely depleted arsenal. UNLESS of course that “mystery injury” Glenn recovered from so quickly last game WASN’T so minor after all. You just COULDN’T let Cato take the reigns for a few series huh Kev? Considering Popp’s latest verbal-teaser, Glenn’s misgivings might have some merit:

La grande question sera de déterminer si Cato peut ravir, aussi rapidement dans la saison, le poste de numéro un à Glenn. « On prendra une décision sur ce sujet après le match qui s’en vient, mais présentement, c’est le poste de Kevin », a réagi Popp.


{The big question will be to determined is if Cato can re-take, so early in the season, the number one spot from Glenn.  « We’ll make a decision on that subject after the upcoming game, but for now, it’s Kevin’s spot », reacted Popp.}


My advice to Rakeem Cato moving forward?

Spend EVERY free second in the weight room. By “free” I mean when you’re not chowing down. Recent pics of Rakeem on the practice field (top) have convinced me his skinny ass is a season-ending, team hobbling  injury waiting to happen. ESPECIALLY if Calvillo keeps dropping him in the pocket without ever changing his launch point. I’m hoping Cato’s also taken to DEVOURING the playbook and gobbling up ANY crumb of wisdom that may fall onto his plate.

While the situation may NOT be ideal…they rarely ARE when you’re THIS team’s backup quarterback…Cato needs to pounce on this opportunity and make things HAPPEN.

If he can repeat some of his better efforts of last year, hopefully we’ll have a full blown quarterback controversy by Week 5.


3 thoughts on “July 2016 – Cato’d in the 4th

  1. ticket for tonight’s game if you want it Chief. mrleemtl. Might rain. I have 4 tix total, not sure how many I’ll use, or if I’ll even go. If you do, I’ll plan on it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry Mr. Lee. Saw your generous offer WAY too late. Besides, do you REALLY want to watch as I get kicked out of Percival Molson Stadium for Yelling at Popp, Calvillo et al?
      “Roll Cato out…YOU IDIOT!!!” etc.


      1. I didn’t end up going, as I was on my own finally. Hopefully someone used the tix. The furby chat is boring boring boring without you. We make comments with – Chief: ……!, just to fill the void. You should show up some time, if only to bitch with us about coaches challenges. I have written to the CFL and encouraged all chatters to do the same. Ya, the Als are fucked this year. I’m liking Reilly. Too bad to see Harris go out last night. Looked bad.
        All the best. If I have more tix I can let you know. You can wear a muzzle,.


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