July 2016 – Cato’s Interruptus

LOST in the midst of all the craziness and the loss to Ottawa, was the fact that in the first quarter, Rakeem Cato ACTUALLY got a few downs in. Kevin Glenn had retired to the dressing room…apparently with some injury. And while Cato’s game stats read only 2/2 for 19yds, 9 yards rushing, his brief presence had infused some MUCH NEEDED excitement into the early proceedings.

He tends to do that.

I won’t delve very deeply into this, as it’s mere speculation, or at best an educated guess based on 15 years of observation of the man…but I imagine it went something like this:

Kevin Glenn gets a boo boo. He goes to the dressing room to get it looked at. While there, he notices on the monitor that Rakeem Cato is starting to tear things up. The passes were nothing too special. But Cato doing his running thing, making people miss and scooting for a 1st down, while “the crowd goes Wiiiiild”. THIS is too much for Glenn to handle.

I was watching the game at home. I was mildly excited when Cato came into the game. He hit 2 quick passes, accurate and confident. After the run I was on my feet cheering…FINALLY the Alouettes were on the move. Cut to commercial.

When TSN got back from commercial I heard those “oh not so exciting words”: “Kevin Glenn is back in the huddle.” Pause for dramatic shudder.

So here comes the speculation.

When Glenn saw Cato running for the 1st down, heard and probably FELT the crowd’s reaction, HIS reaction was classic Glenn, consistent throughout his career: regardless of whether his injury might hamper his effectiveness and hurt the team (and his subsequent performance certainly raises questions), Glenn was going back out there, come hell or high water.

Kevin Glenn has a MASSIVE inferiority complex. He’s certainly spent the majority of his career whining about being underrated. The minute he feels even slightly threatened by another quarterback…well is there anything he WOULDN’T do to keep his starter’s job?

So the question becomes, despite Cato’s charmingly naive characterization of Glenn as the beneficent Gandalf, is Glenn REALLY the mentor these young quarterbacks need, to progress in their development and get the playing time they so desperately require?

Or are they stuck, like Adrian McPherson, behind yet another Anthony Calvillo, jealously guarding HIS territory and refusing ANYONE the slightest opportunity to show him up?  Remember…Adrian McPherson generally had less than 10 pass attempts by the last game of EVERY season…you know…the “junk game” bone they threw him after everything was settled and all the starters were sitting and nobody gives a SHIT. Is THIS the bright future we’ve been promised with Kevin Glenn?

And the TRUE irony of the situation is the decision is NOT up to Glenn. BUT as the nearest (albeit inferior) approximation to AC’s own pocket-passer skillset, AND since as a coach Calvillo is LOST designing and calling plays for talents like Cato, Bridge and Adams Jr….Glenn’s peevish paranoia has no doubt found a staunch supporter, even a kindred spirit of sorts.

Again, this is little more than speculation…albeit based on 15 years of observation of the man. Still, if Glenn’s SERIOUS about being a mentor and bridge to these talented young quarterbacks’ playing careers, the optics of him scurrying back on the field,  NOT giving Cato a full series or two CAN’T be filling anyone with extreme confidence about the QB succession on this team…AGAIN!!!

The “kicker” was that under Cato the Alouettes were moving the ball down the field whereas they’d been ineffective up to that point with Kevin Glenn. OR maybe that once back in the huddle, Glenn wasted all of Cato’s efforts, stalled the drive and (unless I’m misremembering) got NOTHING when Bede missed the field goal attempt.

SURE the situation is different in Ottawa. But when iron-man Henry Burris’ pinky injury accelerated Trevor Harris’ ascension and development…nobody expressed ANY surprise Hank seemed fine with it. Harris has been spectacular and after a brilliant 15 year career as a starting CFL quarterback, Burris MUST be worried. But NOW Ottawa has 2 starting QB options…and a bright future.

What have WE got Kev?

Optimistically…a 5-13 team.



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