July 2016 – Adios 3 Amigos

Giving a receiver corps a nickname is always a dicey proposition: during the course of a CFL season someone is bound to be injured, changing the group’s identity and therefore the validity of the nickname.

Still…since hated rival Toronto has the “Big Three” and recent political summits make the name topical, I’d been mulling over the “3 Amigos” for our version of the Big 3.

At the risk of repeating myself, last year’s “Big 3” equivalent included SJ Green, Brandon London and Cody Hoffman. London retired before training camp, Hoffman was injured early in the season and the Alouettes’ offence (and their platoon of quarterbacks) limped along with a “Big One” in SJ Green…and little else. Jim Popp made NO effort to replace the fallen receivers and the team predictably had little to show for the year’s efforts.

Here we are a full year later. SJ Green is out for the season, Kenny Stafford has just been placed on the 6-game IR, and Duron Carter looks to be this year’s “Big One”, once he serves his time for brushing by Ottawa’s Head Coach.

I remember heated discussions when I gambled about,  posting among  the cosmic douchebags on some obscure and irrelevant CFL site. The irrepressible blowhards on this site ( especially one D&P) insisted FOR YEARS that you  can’t bring in a replacement mid-season. So whatever happens during the season, you’re stuck with whatever players your GM has recruited over the off season. This point of view flies in the face of several dozen roster moves made in the CFL over the last couple of weeks. So many that I won’t bother listing them (look them up if you wish).

While there are SOME positions for which this point of view MAY be valid (I wouldn’t bring a new QB onto the team and expect him to be ready in under 8 Weeks…depending on his CFL experience) SOME positions are not so difficult to fill at relatively short notice. Receiver is ONE of those positions.

Arguably then, while it’s NOT ideal, when your offensive strategy is OBVIOUSLY predicated on having 3 BIG receiving targets and they fall…it behooves your GM (assuming you have a functioning model) to replace them post haste, before the season gets out of hand and you slip in the standings. After all…the guy designing and calling the plays (one Anthony Calvillo) benefited from such “vertical wonders” for the last few years of his career, and he ONLY broke every passing record in gridiron football history.

So it seems it’s AGAIN time to wonder “aloud”  if Jim Popp…who’s ONLY managed to weasel his way into the Head Coaching job because he’s convinced the owner he’s the ONLY guy who’ll accept Calvillo as his OC  (considering Calvillo’s TOTAL lack of coaching experience and training)…

…to wonder if this team has been left “practically” without a GM. You know…the guy responsible for finding and signing NEW talent to replace injured or retired players.

THIS season is suddenly hanging by a thread. And that thread is the REMOTE chance GM Jim Popp will find adequate replacements for the guys we’ve lost, here in Week2. If he doesn’t it looks like Alouettes fans can expect another “lost” season, and owner Wetenhall can yet again forget about any playoff revenue. What can WE do?





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