June 2016 – 3 Down Nation Post

So here’s what we’re up for in 2016: Jim Popp is the WORST head coach in Alouettes history. Now that includes his lifetime record (already listed at 19-27) AND the very obvious fact that is ISN’T a coach of ANY kind. Has never trained as such. Has few or no qualifications as such. Quite simply, Jim Popp is a CFL wide JOKE. The ONLY reason he returns as HC is to assure a COMPLETELY unqualified offensive coordinator in Anthony Calvillo is not immediately (and correctly) rejected by ANY other prospective head coaching candidate. IN BRIEF…Anthony Calvillo’s job is nothing more than nepotism and an retirement plan for the man who singlehandedly SET BACK the quarterback succession on this team by at least 5 years.
OUR offensive coordinator…who ISN’T. Coaches train for YEARS under some of the great minds in the CFL game. They start in minor roles…line coaches, receivers coaches, absorbing the game as it unfolds through a coach’s perspective, and learning a HUGE variety of systems for EVERY conceivable skillset any player may possess. Anthony Calvillo, for all his success, has learned offenses designed for HIS skillset alone. As a dropback quarterback Calvillo had one perspective on the offensive side of the ball, and is arguably limited to that perspective in designing plays and maximizing and exploiting the talents of his quarterbacks.
THIS is why the Alouettes HAD to go out and get Kevin Glenn…WHY they’ve blasted the media with propaganda singing the praises of a quarterback who, at the time of his signing last season, had a slightly LOWER QB rating than did Rakeem Cato…a rookie.
Which brings me to the third point: Kevin Glenn is a lifetime MEDIOCRE quarterback. He was mediocre when he was replaced by Quinton (also mediocre) Porter all those woeful seasons in Hamilton. He’s been mediocre ALL 15 seasons he NEVER won a Grey Cup. And he’ll be mediocre THIS season with the Alouettes.
So there you have it.
A Head Coach who’s bad…simply BAD. An offensive coordinator with an EXTREMELY limited skillset as a coach…AND the ONE quarterback on the team for whom our OC can conceivably design an offense…is the very embodiment of AVERAGE.
Oh…and lest we forget Noel Thorpe…who’s career has become a hostage situation.

With all due respect to Herb Zurkowski, as a 50yr Alouettes fan I will NOT be content with a 9-9 season.
NOTHING short of a DAILY, ALL OUT PUSH for a CUP is even CLOSE to being acceptable!!!
Bad coaches WASTE the talents and careers of great players. They are a waste of our time, our money and our affections. What can be MORE frustrating for the fans and supporters of this storied CFL franchise?


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