Rakeem Cato Videos

Rakeem Cato Clip 1

Rakeem Cato Clip 2

Rakeem Cato Clip 3

Rakeem Cato Clip 4

Rakeem Cato Clip 5

Rakeem Cato Freshman Highlights

Rakeem Cato Junior Highlights

Rakeem Cato Sophomore Highlights

Rakeem Cato Senior Highlights

Tommy Shuler Senior Highlights

Week 2 – Calgary Stampeders @ Montreal Alouettes

Week 2 – PostGame

Week 3 – Montreal Alouettes @ Winnipeg BlueBombers

Week 4 – Hamilton TigerCats @ Montreal Alouettes

Week 6 – Montreal Alouettes @ Calgary Stampeders
(THE Dropson Collins Comedy/Tragedy Hour)

Week 9 – Montreal Alouettes @ BC Lions
(Rakeem Cato BREAKS BCPlace Curse. Something Calvillo couldn’t do for over a DECADE. Cato leads the Alouettes to their to 1st BCPlace win in 15 years, with BIG assist from Sutton, Rutley and Logan. Coaches NOT ONLY continue to play Cato as pocket passer, HALVING his abilities and leaving him EXPOSED to the rush, they seem to have caught Marsh Madness:
“It doesn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason right now…It’s NOT Tanner Marsh for a couple series. It’s not because Cato’s struggling. It doesn’t seem like he’s going to take a couple series…make him watch and let him come back in. They throw (Cato) out for a play or two and then bring him back. I don’t get it.”
Despite the HUGE victory, Higgins is fired instead of Schonert. Popp names himself Head Coach, assumes ABSOLUTE control and his RAMPANT Marsh Madness marks the beginning of the end for CATO and the Alouettes’ 2015 season.)


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