November 2015 – Marching Morons

I’ve been “blogging” about the Alouettes for years now. I say “blogging’ because MOST of this activity has been on various Alouettes’ and CFL message boards, under many aliases.

As on THIS blog, my MAIN focus was the offence, SPECIFICALLY attempting to convince my fellow contributors AND whoever might be reading that it was IMPERATIVE that the Alouettes make time for the quarterback who would INEVITABLY succeed Anthony Calvillo. NOT ONLY did my warnings go unheeded…they provoked a shit-storm of fan-dignation. Calvillo groupies came out of the woodwork, made EXHAUSTIVE if often misguided and irrational attempts to shoot me down…and when they COULDN’T, banded together to SHUT me down.

My message was simple. UNLESS the Alouettes, Anthony Calvillo and Marc Trestman were willing to devote WHATEVER available playing time they could to develop and mature the backups that we had…WELL we’d be in EXACTLY the state we find ourselves in now. Hopelessly trapped on a never-ending Quarterback Carousel.

Counter arguments came in many shapes and aggressions: EVEN though he was 40+yrs OLD, Calvillo was going to last another 3-4 seasons. THIS despite AC’s increasing injury problems. SHUT UP! A personal favourite. Trestman’s explanation bordered on the INSANE. EVEN when up 50 points you NEVER know what might happen in a CFL game. Therefore you DON’T bring in your backup until the final seconds…IF then.

Despite NEVER seeing the field…the knock on McPherson was NOW that he was inaccurate…and we just had to trust them on that. EVERYONE agreed. As long as it stroked their Calvillo-Amore…ANY explanation was sufficient to keep their BELOVED on the field. And STILL we had no plan in case Calvillo went down.

My FINAL messages were dire enough…NOR was I alone in delivering them: Two Montreal CFL franchises have ALREADY gone under. Unless we planned for the future by developing quarterbacks and giving them playing time…we were setting the groundwork for a third and perhaps FINAL fail.

So here we sit. After 3 failed seasons the Alouettes are in a quagmire of uncertainty. Alouettes fans are close to OPEN REBELLION. Whether the team sticks to it’s plan with Popp as GM, OC and GOD will determine whether this team descends ANY further than it ALREADY has. Frankly…how many steps can there between a 6-12 season and ultimate and total COLLAPSE? There can be little doubt we’ve taken a GIANT LEAP in confirming Jim Popp in his Multitasking Mania.

When I first started this campaign…the thought of “social media” having ANY influence on those in power was LAUGHABLE. With the increase in popularity of twitter, the blogoshere, image and video sharing sites has come the POWER to change. When Cato started his first game (Week2) TSN announcers were compelled to report the TWITTER response all over North America. Even Zurkowski (Montreal Gazette) makes various allusions to rumours and rumblings on social media and blog sites. Please Herb…I’m Blushing.

Being forcibly removed from ANY place is an honour. If you can’t inspire at least ONE IDIOT to a bloodthirsty craving for REVENGE…you’re just NOT doing your job. The TRUTH not only drives some folks NUTSO.

As promised then…here are the pseudonyms of some of the Marching Morons who’ve made all of THIS possible. If you had DEVOTED 1/10th of the effort you made attacking ME to trying to improve this team…we’d doubtless be playing a playoff game this weekend. Way to go guys…


OH and one last thing, LONG overdue and UGLY as it needs MUST be…



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