November 2015 – Popp Goes The Weasel?

When Jim Popp took over Head Coaching duties from Tom Higgins, it was with the understanding that IF the Alouettes missed the post-season Popp would have some “splaining to do”. Last week, just prior to the Alouettes’ “season-obliterating” loss to the Eskimos, owner Bob Wetenhall surprisingly supported Jim Popp in the press.

It’s been suggested that an owner’s public support during a losing season is the “kiss of death”  for ANY Head Coach or General Manager. One can ONLY hope this holds true.

Jim Popp WAS absent on the sidelines for that Eskimos game. Apparently he’ll be out for the season finale against Saskatchewan. In our never-ending search for the 411, we couldn’t help notice that Herb Zurkowski ain’t buying it: “Noel Thorpe on the sidelines in the capacity of head coach, at least for the day, while general manager Jim Popp remained home, suffering from what the team’s calling vertigo.”
Apparently Herb’s disdain for “conspiracy-theories” DOESN’T include those of his own manufacture. NOT COOL HERB!

Re-writing Icarus…it’s NOT be surprising Jim Popp had his wings singed flying too close to the sun. The Alouettes long-time GM is was 3-6 as Head coach this season. After 5 attempts (2001, 2006, 2007, 2013, 2015) Popp’s 19-26 record as Head Coach of the Alouettes hopefully convinces EVERYONE that his talents lie elsewhere. For once Popp can’t say, “and I’ve got the team to the post-season EVERY year”. ONE SLIVER of a silver lining to this season’s early exit.

It’s time the Alouettes GM got his head out of the clouds, started doing the job he was originally hired to do. ONCE AND FOR ALL.


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