November 2015 – Where’s Cato?

“What’s the deal at quarterback going into next season? Did rookie Rakeem Cato, who started the most games, lose his job by getting concussed?” – Herb Zurkowski Nov 6th 2015

Is he injured? Is he gone? Did yelling at Calvillo on the sidelines seal his fate? DOES ANYBODY KNOW FOR SURE?

When Zack Collaros, Hamiton’s young MOP contending QB was injured earlier this year, Ticats fans didn’t have long to wait for news. Collaros was out for the season, but intended to stick with the team, helping with the offence and with his rookie replacement Jeff Matthews. Even as the Alouettes looked to a potential post season run, rookie QB sensation Rakeem Cato is NOWHERE to be found, either on the sidelines OR in the news.

Speculation has it that Cato’s temper has him essentially thrown off the squad, despite a 3 year contract. Considering the COMPLETE mismanagement of the offence under Turk Schonert AND the consequent mismatch between Cato’s talents and Calvillo’s abilities…OR rather INABILITY to design and call an offence for ANY skillset other than AC’s own, who can blame the kid? Still, yelling at a legend WILL get you canned. Chances are his career may be over for good.

There HAS to be an especially WARM spot reserved for those who, through negligence, incompetence, petty envy, laziness or malice, ruin the career and life of a dazzling star like Rakeem Cato…or Adrian McPherson for that matter. Karma do your STUFF.

From Cato’s first snap it’s been obvious HE was the Alouettes ONLY chance for a successful future going forward. Alouettes haven’t been to the Grey Cup since 2010. This includes the LAST TWO YEARS OF CALVILLO’S TIME AS QUARTERBACK. They haven’t had a winning record since 2012….back when it was equally OBVIOUS McPherson was the WAY going forward. Tell me…what’s our once “Quarterback of the Future” doing running short yardage plays for the Argos?

Back home in IN 2015, Tanner Marsh, Jim Popp’s “golden boy” just pulled a “Dropson Collins”, fumbling away the last game of the year, outdoing his 6 turnover performance in his only start this season. Kevin Glenn’s free ride with the press has (hopefully) taken a sharp turn off a cliff. Someone MIGHT EVENTUALLY mention Glenn’s PERFECT record: ZERO Grey Cups in a 15 year career with AT LEAST 55 CFL teams (165?). When the going get’s tough, buy another Tim Horton’s franchise. Now with his 342ND CFL team…Glenn qualifies as the LEAST wanted quarterback in CFL HISTORY. Certainly the most justly underrated. Anyone for seconds?


So WHERE’S CATO?   Has he been disappeared yet again by Jim Popp? Was he sent home to deal with Tommy Shuler’s “family crisis”. Or can he be found somewhere on the road to another CFL franchise? See if you can spot Rakeem Cato in this picture. Or ANYWHERE ELSE. Let us know…


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