November 2015 – Brandon Bridge is Falling Down (the Depth Chart)?

So this is the rumour, second hand from someone who heard it on TSN690. Sketchy as shit but there you go:

Apparently…the Alouettes have sequestered Bridge in some practice facility, with the intention of “teaching him up”. Bridge will apparently be given every chance to be the Alouettes quarterback of the future. The “fit” is an interesting one. Bridge (unlike Cato) can’t have any realistic NFL aspirations…none that he’d care to share I’m sure. As a homegrown talent “Air Canada’s” media value is pretty solid…certainly a PLUS on a Jim Popp team. From what little we’ve seen of him Bridge has all the tools: a strong arm, size and strength and an athleticism that makes him a “project” well worth pursuing.

And if the Alouettes can start the 1st successful Canadian quarterback in living memory…well that would be quite a feather in EVERYONE’S cap. The story is so “up” and hopeful, I hate to add a cautionary note. Considering the melodrama of the 2015 season however, I’d be remiss if I didn’t. So here goes:

Jim Popp has a habit of covering his ass. He’s not alone in this, obviously. But there are times when Popp seems to take it to a WHOLE other level. From the “murmurs” there’s every chance Popp took the opportunity of a minor Cato injury (mid-season) to start Tanner Marsh the subsequent week. Considering the COMPLETE vacuum of information about Cato’s absence mid-season, a rift between Cato and Popp over who get’s to start is as good a guess as ANY.

Marsh has NEVER been more than a glorified high-school quarterback. At the time I commented that WHEN (not “if”) Marsh falls on his face, Popp had better RUN to Florida, preferably on his knees, and BEG Cato to come back. Marsh messed the bed (5 interceptions and a fumble…yikes!!!) and Crompton after him…and suddenly Cato’s back in town with Tommy Shuler in tow.

When the dust settles from this season…certain pertinent questions are going to need to be asked. AMONG my favorites: 1) WHY was 4 time loser Dropson Collins ANY kind of solution to the VOID left after London’s retirement and Hoffman’s injury? 2) It’s NO SECRET Tanner Marsh has been Popp’s pet from the start. Still…given the HORRENDOUS performance by Tanner marsh in his one start, WHY was he even on the team to fumble the season away against the Eskimos?

THIS 2nd question is now EASILY answered by the Brandon Bridge rumour: Tanner Marsh took over Bridge’s short yardage and holder duties BECAUSE Bridge is being groomed for the future. Essentially we sacrificed an already DUBIOUS season for a chance at something TRULY spectacular: a Canadian quarterback who will lead this team to GLORY.

It’s a GREAT story…if true. Still, considering the often INSANE mismanagement of this team it stretches the limits of PLAUSIBILITY. Let’s wait and see what happens. MAYBE Cato will remain in the picture. If the Alouettes can work some of the kinks out of Bridge’s game, they could do worse than Cato & Bridge as a 1-2 punch.

Coach Calvillo, Rakeem Cato, Brandon Bridge

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