October 2015 – WHY???

So why would ANYONE deliberately sabotage their own team? Is laziness a sufficient reason? OR rather ambitions in OTHER directions perhaps…that only gives the APPEARANCE of laziness.

It certainly seems that way when, at the beginning of the season the Alouettes lose TWO major receivers (Brandon London 6’4″ 210 and Cody Hoffman 6’4″ 210) not to mention Mardy Gilyard, James Rogers and others and NONE are replaced at ANY time until the end of the season. Instead we are expected to believe our quarterbacks are sufficiently entoured with SJ Green and a host of rejects from other teams (excuse my frankness). And while Nik Lewis has been a pleasant surprise, Green continues to drop 1/2 of the balls thrown his way and Fred Stamps and Sam Giguere have been virtual ghosts.

As far as the offence is concerned, there’s been almost NO ONE at the GM helm most of the season. Fans are right to insist that Popp stick to the job he was originally hired to do. And that includes finding coaches that are qualifyed enough so as NOT to be fired half way through the season. That’s on HIM…mostly.

But if Cato turns out to be the REAL DEAL, next season Popp is going to have to buckle down and CONCENTRATE. That means finding a coaching crew (that actually want to come here…now that it ALWAYS seems to mean getting canned prematurely) that KNOWS how to run an offence for a mobile and dynamic quarterback AND pieces that can surround Cato with the talent he needs to THRIVE and bring a CUP back to Montreal. Whew that felt GOOD.

Basically what’s needed is WORK and lot’s of it. No pretense to omnipotence. No multitasking and fragmenting. JUST DO YOUR DAMNED JOB. Simple.

So if Popp ain’t willing to do it, maybe Mr. Wetenhall should find someone who IS.

Either way I’d be satisfied.


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