October 2015 – Poppulist Machinations OR Lies my Popp-y Told Me

Troy Smith, Chad Johnson, Duron Carter, Michael Sam, Jerry Rice JR. What do these football “players” have in common? At the time they were signed, their FAME was largely based on something OTHER than their recent performance on the football field. Each of these signings was arguably a cynical and insulting attempt to put butts in the stands…rather than a sincere effort to build a Grey Cup CHAMPIONSHIP team. As a DIEHARD fan of the Montreal Alouettes…how could I NOT feel insulted? How could YOU? More embarrassing still, ANY new player to your team is naturally going to cause excitement. An excitement that QUICKLY turns to a sour taste in the mouth when the TRUTH is finally revealed. TIME WOUNDS ALL HEELS…as I believe I’ve already mentioned. So much for the fans.

The effect IN THE LOCKERROOM of a privileged MEDIA star even DRESSING for a game…being paid for his “draw” value in a game where players put their bodies on the line for their comrades, their families, their careers AND their fans…CANNOT be overstated. Football is a business, a profession…players KNOW that. But they’re absolutely right to insist that it bear as LITTLE resemblance to the WORLD’S OLDEST PROFESSION as possible . Aye. There’s the RUB!


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