October 2015 – From Beasts of the East to Toads in the Hole

The Alouettes have fallen from the Beasts of the East to being perennial cellar dwellers.

I spent the last 4 years of Anthony Calvillo’s QB career WARNING of this inevitability UNLESS Trestman, Popp and the Alouettes made time for the development of young quarterback talent. Instead Jim Popp gave Trestman ABSOLUTE decision-making control.

Trestman made sure Calvillo sucked EVERY second of playing time that he possibly could out of his career. Innumerable media pundits wondered aloud WHY the Alouettes…EVEN WHEN up by 4 or 5 touchdowns…would NEVER bring in their backup quarterback.

WHY? Well…as the Head Coach and Quarterback Whisperer of history’s LEADING quarterback in completions and yardage…Trestman finally got that PLUM Head Coaching job in the NFL (Bears). Calvillo got every conceivable passing record a quarterback could ever covet. All that was left was the Karma.

So what’s wrong with that, you ask? Well you might ask Adrian McPherson…who was touted as the Alouettes heir apparent. AD was promised playing time EVERY off season only to start the last “garbage time” game of the year with few more than 5-10 pass attempts the ENTIRE year up to that point. Then for fun you might try to dig up the rest of Calvillo’s discarded career backups. You can find them somewhere on the TRASHHEAP of sports history.

Worse than the wasted talent and careers (perhaps) is the fact that the Alouettes ignored the #1 LAW of quarterback succession:


Teams ignore this rule at their own peril…as I predicted at the time…a prediction that holds true to this day for the Montreal Alouettes.

More on THIS subject later in:

Building and Maintaining a Quarterback Carousel – For Dummies


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