2015 – Random Posts

A few of my favourite posts from ChatRooms, CFL Sites and the around the Blogosphere:

TSN.com Oct 2014:

Edward McCreadie snr
as a BC Lion fan I shudder every time  I see Keven Glenn taking the snap. As a drop back into  the pocket QB,  every second and long play is so predictable. It is not just the poor protection he is getting but late hits, uncalled and receivers who can not seem to help him out by making that extra effort or to make that circus catch when it really counts.  Hinedsight is 20/20 but why trade away Mike REILLY to Edmonton?
– One year later AND this sounds eerily familiar. Glenn MAY BE a Calvillo-type Dropback Quarterback . But with AC calling the plays two wrongs DEFINITELY don’t make a RIGHT.
From SAME comment section:
Als not playing Tanner Marsh a big mistake. Last year Jim Popp called him a can’t miss QB – playing lights out – if I recall correctly.
-Talent appraisal is DEFINITELY not for everyone…Including Popp lately. LOL.
From CFL.ca October 2015 after Kevin Glenn’s 1st start against Hamilton
Not defending KG but he got flogged by the Ti-Cats defense. He had a tip drill on two interceptions and couldn’t get up after a vicious hit on the third. Then of all receivers for S.J. to drop a TD. Never heard or seen that one before. I also think they were outfoxed as a coaching staff. Hamilton has a coaching staff that is very good in preparing their team for an opponent. Very well coached (Hamilton) and if the Als are to compete they need the same. The Als played hard but were out coached.
October 18, 2015 – 10:41pm
als rule
Of course Hamilton is well coached!! Popp is an interim HC/AC is a 1st year coach who has gone from receivers 2 QB 2 co-OC coach in a few months but is still not ready to be the OC!! He needs to put in more time like Dave dickenson of Calgary has!! DC thorpe next als HC in 2016((?).

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