March 29th 2019 – April Fools-ish

It’s not often one can refer to an event that you’ve seen coming on for 10 years as “shocking” or “unexpected”. Anyone who’s paid the slightest attention to this BLOG knows that I’ve been predicting the Alouettes’ demise as far back as when the team refused to give Calvillo’s potential replacements ANY playing time. Fail… Continue reading March 29th 2019 – April Fools-ish

November 2018 -Reed Persists for Another Season

OK. Here’s how I see it. The Alouettes have been interviewing GM replacements according to 3Dalmations. What could possibly have been the deal breaker here? As it was when Reed was promoted to GM from ST coordinator, I submit that the possible hiring of Calvillo as coach/OC/HC was the first question out of any GM… Continue reading November 2018 -Reed Persists for Another Season

September 2018 – The Power of ONE voice

This post may end up seeming a little self-serving. It may appear a little unhinged. Trust me, I realize that. But when you keep predicting things about a team, and they keep happening…well you start to wonder. I spent the last several seasons of Anthony Calvillo’s career as quarterback, decrying the lack of opportunity our… Continue reading September 2018 – The Power of ONE voice

August 2018 – And So They Draw Me Back In…

So now we have a quarterback controversy. And while I wouldn’t want to throw a bucket of water on Antonio Pipkin’s performance, last week and especially tonight, I respectfully suggest that everyone’s asking the wrong question. After the Alouettes last week released O-lineman Landon Rice, the #3 guy in the Manziel trade, they are facing yet… Continue reading August 2018 – And So They Draw Me Back In…